Work for us

We've been told by many of our staff that they are blessed to be a part of this Christian organisation.

See two great examples in the videos below.

Michael is Martha's care worker, but in the video below you'll see the relationship they have works both ways. Will is similarly blessed being a care worker for Simon.

You can progress

We pride ourselves on giving our staff the opportunity to develop their skills. Whether you're an office-based worker or a care worker, we allow our staff to be ambitious and to progress.

One such care worker is Santi. She has a degree in social work, but when she joined Prospects for experience she soon realised that God had placed her here for a reason. After proving herself to the management, she was soon given the opportunity to progress and study for her NVQs. Now she's in a management position at her nearby care service.

"It’s a blessing to make them smile; to make them happy; to help them to have a good day, good life; it’s a blessing to earn both blessing and money."

Santi, Practice Team Leader for Prospects